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Restoring the world back in your hands

The American Board of Deaddiction is strongly committed to standardize the care of patients and set guidelines in the cure of addictions.

Addiction is an uphill battle for all those who are involved. The doctor, patient, family and society.

Resources are not available in a unified location.

The board aims to test and provide resources that are an absolute must in the knowledge base of professional dealing with these problems..

Addiction can be to one or many of  the different types of addictions.

Alcohol, opiate addiction, benzodiazepines, food, gambling, shopping & sex.

There are many ways of approaching each but the basic principles of deaddiction remain the same.

Pain clinics are popping up at an unbelievable rate all over the country. They write more pain pills for patients than candy in candy bags.

Regulating them has been the worst planned effort in the country. Patients line up outside these places, make drug deals in parking lots and go to specified pharmacies that will express no negative feedback or quantity alerts..

Deaddiction has helped many citizens of the United States lead happier, more productive lives. A climbing reputation as America's most effective resource is well deserved.

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